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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Bowling in the Speech Room!

I found an cute little finger bowling kit at the checkout at Old Navy. I knew that my students would like it, so I bought it and made a little speechie activity to accompany it. You can find the mini bowling sets a few places - Party City, is another place that carries them.

Mine looks like this:

The activity I came up with is pretty simple. The student's take turns rolling the ball and knocking over the pins. The number of pins they knock over is the number of points they get, and also the number of speech cards they have to do. I just set a pile of flashcards on the table and they drew however many they needed. 

The directions page and the mini scoreboard I designed are free in my TPT store for anyone interested in using them in their classroom. 

I'd love to hear any other ideas you may have for using this mini bowling set in the speech room! My students really like it, so I am planning on picking up another one next time I am out shopping. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Feed the Bunny

I linked up for Friday FreeBEES to share this springtime freebie with you!


I use basic reinforcement activities in the speech room all the time. I love them because I can use them with all of my groups - they are easy to use with any learning target! My current springtime favorite is my Feed the Bunny freebie!

My students feed the bunny carrots after completing assigned tasks (saying a speech sound, using a verb in a sentence, completing 3 questions on a worksheet, whatever.)  I can keep this bunny on my table all day and just switch out the specific worksheet/card decks as different groups come in.

To make your own Feed the Bunny game, you'll need a container (I used an oatmeal container, but a tissue box or cereal box would work well also) and some hot glue in addition to the free download.

"Hoppy" Easter!!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

EGGspected and unEGGspected Behaviors Activity

We have been talking a lot about expected and unexpected behaviors in my speech room lately. With Easter coming up, I have been using plastic eggs a bunch - putting artic words in eggs, putting verb cards in eggs, having students describe eggs.... I knew I wanted to make something especially for my pragmatic language groups as well. This is what I came up with:

The game I created is called How Do You EGGspect me to feel? It includes 12 little scenarios that students have to read. After they read the scenario, they have to state (1) how the characters feel and (2) whether the character's behaviors were expected or unexpected.

To make the same thing in your classroom, you will need a dozen plastic eggs (I got these silly faces eggs at Michael's), an empty egg carton, and the free download from my TPT store.

I like the clear egg cartons, but the regular cardboard cartons can be cute too - especially with a little paint:

Since I am always looking for ways to tie articulation practice into my language activities, I made sure that this one could easily target the /r/ sound. All of the characters in the scenario cards have names that begin with /r/. Perfect for mixed groups of artic and langauge kiddos.

The download also includes a sorting activity. Students sort egg cards into piles of EGGspected and unEGGspected behaviors. I didn't have time to get a picture of it in action today, but it is pretty cute too.

I hope your Easter season is EGGcellent!