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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Feed the Bunny

I linked up for Friday FreeBEES to share this springtime freebie with you!


I use basic reinforcement activities in the speech room all the time. I love them because I can use them with all of my groups - they are easy to use with any learning target! My current springtime favorite is my Feed the Bunny freebie!

My students feed the bunny carrots after completing assigned tasks (saying a speech sound, using a verb in a sentence, completing 3 questions on a worksheet, whatever.)  I can keep this bunny on my table all day and just switch out the specific worksheet/card decks as different groups come in.

To make your own Feed the Bunny game, you'll need a container (I used an oatmeal container, but a tissue box or cereal box would work well also) and some hot glue in addition to the free download.

"Hoppy" Easter!!! :)

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