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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love Monster

The book Love Monster by Rachel Bright is just wonderful. The story follows a lonely monster throughout his search for a companion. He searches high and low and almost gives up. But when he least expects it, love finds him. The moment I saw this book at Barnes and Noble I knew I had to have it. Just look at that little monster face on the cover!

Naturally, I wanted to share this book with all of my students so I created a few activities to go along with the story. You can download them for free in my TPT store. The download includes:

1. Graphic Organizer (Beginning-Middle-End)
2. Articulation Practice Sheet
3. Create a Love Monster Craftivity Template
4. Love Monster Creative Writing Page

I think the craftivity is my favorite. I made a template/outline of a monster and the students can use paint, markers, glitter, sequins, paper, stickers- anything! - to create a Love Monster of their own! 

After I used a picture collage app to show the sequence of events (and range of emotions) in the book Winter is for Snow, my students have been begging to do that again. So, we took pictures of the Love Monster book and discussed how the little monster's feelings changed throughout the story. The pic collage app is a quick, easy, and motivating way to do this. 

So, get your hands on a copy of this super loveable book and read it this Valentine's Day! <3 

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