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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Four Fun Free Valentine Activities!

Love is in the air! I am going to start Valentine activities with my students on January 27th and I can hardly wait! I wanted to share some of the activities I have planned.

First off - CHALLENGES! You all know how much I love my Peachie Speechie Articulation Challenges. They are so motivating to the students. I love hearing them talk about how they want to practice more so they can get to 100 productions. I have created two Valentine challenges:

1. Valentine M&M Challenge - Have students fill up their challenge mats with pink, red, and white Valentine M&Ms! They can earn one M&M for each production.

2. Valentine Heart Challenge - You can use the conversation heart candies for this one OR mini conversation heart erasers from the Target Dollar Spot! (less sugar, still motivating!) Of course you can use the black and white pages with markers and have them color the hearts as they go as well.

I am also reading quite a few Valentine books to my students this year. Kristin over at Simply Speech recently posted a great list of Valentine books as well. I have created activities to go with my two favorite Valentine books - The Day it Rained Hearts and Love Monster.

3. The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond is a simple, sweet, story. I created a couple of simple activity pages to go along with it. These activity pages can be used for pretty much any learning target. I have updated this activity in my TPT store so if you downloaded it last year I suggest re-downloading it. Activities to accompany this story include a Valentine Tree craft, a creative writing page, and a page for making it rain hearts (stamp a heart/stick a heart sticker every time you say your sound!)

4. Love Monster. Oh, how I love this Love Monster Book. I actually wrote a whole post about it already so I will just say this book is great and you should totally read it to your students and download my free activities to accompany it. You will be glad you did. <3


  1. I loved your FREEBIE for The Day It Rained Hearts! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh I really hope I can find those heart erasers!! Super cute ideas...thanks for sharing! Emily