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Friday, June 6, 2014

Donut Day!

Today is National Donut Day! Many donut shops are giving away free donuts or having special promotions so I thought it would be a good day to post a little review for one of my favorite speech therapy games. The game is simply called "Donuts!" and I ordered it on Amazon.

I want to mention that the game comes with dice and an option to play by rolling the dice to see which donut to stack. I prefer to play without the dice. I play by having my students put all of the donuts face up on the table.  Then, they take turns describing a donut. When their partner guesses which donut is being described, they stack that one on the mug and pass the tongs to the next player. It is an easy way for me to target describing/adjectives, and articulation in the same group.

The box is cute, but there is a giant hole in the front which makes it kind of difficult to re-pack and put away neatly. Perhaps I should have saved the cardboard inserts that came with the game and that would have helped with re-packing it.

The box makes for an excellent spot for my cat to hang out while I write this review, though. Check out the cuteness:
So, back to the game. It also comes with a little board that lists all of the donut types. This
makes for a cute little matching activity. Match the plastic donut with it's picture! I have also used this little board by pretending it is a menu. The students practice their speech sounds by ordering donuts off this menu and I give them the donut that they ordered.
This game is QUICK! Quick to set up, quick to play, and quick to clean up. This makes it great for speech sessions and also great for a little end-of-session treat or brain-break.
Happy National Donut Day! Hope your day is speech was extra sweet!


  1. you could tape a thick transparency sheet on the inside of the box to make it hole-less - I sometimes hesitate to purchase Melissa and Doug toys 'cuz they have topless boxes - they sure aren't thinking of the itinerant therapists!! thanks for sharing your ideas!! I just discovered you!!

  2. found your TpT page...love the black and white pages. I'm OT not speech but will use your marvy sheets for collecting data on fine motor tasks - thanks so much