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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chat Pack Cards - Product Review!

I am a huge fan of conversation activities, especially during the first week of school when I am still trying to collect baseline data and language samples from my students! I make a lot of my own conversation games but I couldn't resist buying Chat Pack for Kids when I saw it. 

Chat Pack for Kids is a set of cards designed to spark conversations. The back of the box reads “Contains 156 cards, each one featuring a question guaranteed to get creative juices flowing and fun conversation going. It’s positive entertainment for kids of all ages – and for the adults in their lives, too!” I have to say, that description is pretty accurate. I love these little cards! And I do mean little. They are 1 in by 3 inch strips – much smaller than the playing card size decks I am used to.

Some of the questions are a bit complicated for my students (for example: “If you could decorate a tree in your house for another holiday besides Christmas, which holiday would you choose and how would you decorate the tree?”).  I have had the best experiences using these cards with 4th-8th graders. I have gone through and picked out the simpler questions and used them with younger grades as well, but I usually pull them out for the older kids.

Some of my favorite questions from the Chat Pack are:
--If you could visit any assembly plant or factory of your choice to see exactly how something is made from start to finish, what would you want to see being produced?
--Which of the following would you like to be most of all: really strong, really fast, or really tall?
--If you got a parrot for a pet, what phrase above all others would you be sure to teach the beaked blabbermouth to say?

The cards come in a little plastic carrying case and can be found on Amazon for  $4.99 + shipping here: http://www.amazon.com/Chat-Pack-For-Kids-Questions/dp/0975580159/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376422412&sr=8-1&keywords=chat+pack+for+kids

I actually found mine at Whole Foods for $10, which is about the same as the amazon price when you add shipping. 

If you have any other fun conversation activities, I would love to hear them!

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