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Monday, September 30, 2013

Flashcard Eating Monsters!

I have a couple of monsters in the speech room today! I found these precious snack cups over the weekend and bought them for my 16 month old to eat his snacks out of. Unfortunately, the silicone teeth are pretty tough and once my son stuck his hand in, he was not able to pull it back out! But of course I see opportunities for speech games in everything so instead of returning these monster cups, I brought them to live in the speech room where they can feast on Webber cards instead of my son's hand.

Here is how we played this game:

1. Stuff each monster cup with flashcards
2. Tell the students "Oh no! Monsters moved into the speech room and are eating your practice cards! Carefully pull one card out at a time and say your words as you go. If you do it very carefully, the monsters won't notice and they won't bite your hand".

My students loved the monsters! It was a quick and easy way to make regular old flashcard drills fun.