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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Multiple Choice Articulation: App Review!

If you want to spice up your articulation therapy session with an activity that will make your students giggle and snort and practice their target sounds all at the same time - this is the app for you! I recently downloaded Multiple Choice Articulation by Erik X. Raj on my iPad. After using it in the speech room, I decided to write a review with the help of my students. 

The app was $4.99 and targets /s, z, r, l, sh, ch, th/ in all word positions, so SLPs will love it. It is full of hilarious questions, so kids will love it too. 

 Once you select the sound and word position to target, you are presented with a series of "would you rather" questions. The student can read the question out loud, or press a button to hear it read to them. 

I found that sometimes these questions make the student laugh so hard that it takes them a minute to regain composure and give their answer. This question in particular caused a couple of six year old boys to almost fall out of their chair laughing: 

As the student answers the questions, they can target their sounds while working on reasoning skills and conversational turn taking at the same time. The can also press the "hear an answer" button to hear an example answer to the question. 

This app is motivating and engaging and absolutely hilarious! It sparked conversation and debates in the speech room while also sneaking in many productions of target sounds. 

Just take a look at what some of my students are saying about Multiple Choice Articulation: 

"Rats don't take baths in root beer! They take baths in puddles!" -1st Grade Student

"I had a raisin in my nose once." -2nd Grade Student 

"Can we play this again tomorrow?" -2nd Grade Student 

"These questions are silly!" -3rd Grade Student (said with a perfect /s/ sound!) 

Clearly, this app is a winner!

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  1. Looking to get an itunes gift card soon. I think I'm adding this to my wish list! Thanks for the review.