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Friday, November 8, 2013

Gobbling up this activity!

It is my favorite time of year again! We have been doing Thanksgiving themed activities in the speech room and I am loving it! There are so many cute things on TPT and so many adorable books to read...I don't think I am going to have time to do all of the fall activities I have on my list before it is time to jump to winter/Christmas themed activities!!

Everyone knows I love to snack and today I am snacking on Froot Loops while we decorate our Turkey Talk worksheets and practice our speech sounds.

I actually found a ridiculously huge bag of "Tootie Fruities" at Walmart, so these aren't name brand Froot Loops and the bag is so gigantic that there is no way we will use them all. So, this weekend I plan to add to my Peachie Speechie Articulation Challenge collection with the Froot Loop Challenge! 

We may also have to make cereal necklaces with yarn, practice sorting colors with cereal, and maybe use these Tootie Fruities to make bird/squirrel feeders (would birds even eat this stuff??). I bought way too much cereal. I welcome any other suggestions for what to do with this stuff! 

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