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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ugly Sweater Craft

It is ugly sweater season! We are planning a faculty Ugly Sweater Contest next week and I am looking forward to participating. I am also having a little ugly sweater contest in my speech room next week! We will be making sweaters out of felt and stickers and hanging them in the speech room.

I was walking around Michael's over the weekend and noticed that these fantastic Creatology holiday foam stickers were 50% off! So, I bought 2 giant tubs of them for $4/tub and started planning this activity! 

I cut red and green felt (free-hand!) into sweater shapes. It doesn't matter if they look perfect. They are supposed to be ugly anyway! Add foam stickers to the felt and you have yourself an adorable mini ugly sweater! For additional glitz, add sequins, puff balls, glitter, or any other craft item you have sitting around the classroom. 

I also typed up a little "Mad Lib" for the kids to fill out after they finish making their sweater. It is totally goofy and I think it will be a nice activity to do next week when the kids are feeling goofy and ready for the break anyway! The Mad Lib is a freebie in my TPT store if you would like to download it. 

I  was originally planning on waiting to post about this craft until after I had had a chance to do it with all of my students...but I love it so much I wanted to post it right away. A few of my students are doing it this week, but most of them will do it next week. I will post more pics then!

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  1. Ugly sweaters are totally in, you are so hip! Love this idea and the mad lib. Thanks!